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Sponsor BHAA in 2022

BHAA's sponsorship program allows business sponsors and even individuals to choose the amount they can afford to dedicate to league support. The details are outlined in the downloadable Sponsorship Form. Now is the time to get your tax-deductible sponsorship under way for this season. Contact Chrissy Daeschner to get started!

The following businesses are sponsoring  BHAA in 2021:


In addition to registration fees and concessions revenue, BHAA relies on fundraising to enhance its programs and the overall experience for BHAA players and their families. A wide variety of projects and events are planned, offering fun and unique ways to show your BHAA pride and have some family fun, all while helping to raise funds for the league.


BHAA Lottery Calendars

BHAA’s main fundraiser this year will be Lottery Calendar tickets for the month of July. Lottery Calendars are $10 each and good for the entire month of June. Each calendar is assigned a 3-digit number and winners will be determined by the evening PA Daily Number. 

The tickets will be tracked by the registered family.  If the ticket is sold the stub must be returned to BHAA. If BHAA has the winning stub the winnings will be mailed out to the address on the stub. If BHAA does not have the winning stub the winnings will be mailed to the registered family.  If the registered family sold the winning ticket they will be responsible for getting the winnings to the winner.  Every registered family will receive three tickets for a child and one additional ticket for each multiple child in the family.

If you have any questions, or need to purchase more calendars, please contact Chrissy Daeschner or Cheryl Snelsire.

Fundraising Committee
The BHAA Fundraising Committee is always seeking
new members. To get involved, contact Chrissy Daeschner or Cheryl Snelsire

TBD | Fundraising Directors


Remember to visit this website throughout the season and all year long for important updates. Also, Post your feedback and photos when you visit and like BHAA's Facebook Page. Simply click the logo above.