Brighton Heights Athletic Association

weekly schedule

Field Schedule

4/16 - Monday - CANCELLED
Field 1: 8U
Field 3: Pony City
Field 4: Farm Holt
Field 6: Farm Ehman

4/17 - Tuesday - CANCELLED
Field 1: 10U Fast/Slow
Field 3: Colt City
Field 4: 12U Fast
Field 6: Senior Thompson 
Batting Cages: Colt

4/18 - Wednesday - CANCELLED
Field 1: 12U
Field 3: Super Colt
Field 4: Junior Graves
Field 5: Farm Minton
Field 6: Senior E/H
Batting Cages: Sr Daeschner

4/19 - Thursday - CANCELLED
Field 1: Farm Holt
Field 3: Colt Suburan
Field 4: Junior Sweeney
Field 6: Junior Ron
Batting Cages: Colt
Rooney Field: Sr Thompson

4/13 - Friday - CANCELLED
Field 1: 10U Slow
Field 3: Pony Suburban
Field 4: Senior Celesti
Field 5: Farm Minton
Field 6: Senior Daeschner

*April 21st: OPENING DAY
Starting at 12:00pm Noon, line up at 11:50am. (Teeball starting at 9:30)


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Baseball Training
Train and be prepared for the upcoming baseball season. Individual or group lessons customized to the player’s ability/needs. Training can include, hitting, fielding, catching and pitching. See more info here

Welcome to the web home of Brighton Heights Athletic Association. Please bookmark this site as your resource for baseball, softball, and teeball for the families of Pittsburgh's Brighton Heights neighborhood and surrounding communities. Our "house" is the John Merry field complex, located adjacent to Jack Stack Pool.


Opening Day is April 21st!!
Picture Day is on Opening Day - Details and Schedule below!






News & Announcements

*Teeball Registration is still OPEN!!

*April 21st: OPENING DAY - Starting at Noon, line up at 11:50am! Teeball opening ceremonies start at 9:30am!

*Picture Day Info: April 21st (Opening Ceremonies) 
Picture Schedule (Picture Form Click Here)

*Individual pictures start at 9:00am 

-Brian and Caite: 9:35
-Crystal and Evan: 9:40
-Jamie and Khadija: 9:45
-Luke and Mary: 9:50
-Rhiannon and Zack: 9:55

Baseball & Softball:=
-Pony and Daeschner Senior: 10:40
-Colt and 10U Girls: 10:50
-12U Fast Pitch and 15U Slow Pitch: 11:00
-Hemmingway/Ehman Senior and Ehman Farm: 11:10
-Celesti Senior and Thompson Senior: 11:20
-Snelsire Junior and Minton Farm: 11:30
-Sweeney Junior and Graves Junior: 11:40
-Holt Farm: 11:45
-8U after called onto the field

*Line up is at 11:50 - Line ups are:
-Ethan Farm/ Holt Farm/ Minton Farm/ 8U Girls
-Graves Junior/ Snelsire Junior/ Sweeney Junior/ 10U Fast & Slow Pitch
-Celesti Senior/ Daeschner Senior/ Ehman & Hemmingway Senior/ Thompson Senior/ 12U Fast Pitch
-Pony/ 15U Slow Pitch/ Colt/ SuperColt

*New BAT Info for Baseball: Farm, Junior, and Senior bats MUST be USA Baseball brand. No other bats will be allowed. Also the sizes must be, the biggest diameter for 7 & 8 year olds is 2 1/4 inch, for 9 & 10 and 11 & 12 year olds is 2 5/8. No more than 33 inches in length. The drop does not matter as long as it says USA bats. This is a complete change from last years. Bats that were allowed last year, are not allowed this year. 








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