Northside Baseball and Softball Association is looking for community sponsors for our upcoming spring and summer 2023 seasons.

As a non-profit organization that provides community baseball and softball opportunities for all kids of the Northside, from Teeball to Super Colt League, we are looking for our community to help us provide the best experience, equipment, and opportunities for our players!

Our beautiful facility has 6 fields used daily by our community and visited by countless guests from all over the region during our regular season (March-July) and fall ball (September-October).

If you or your business is interested in sponsoring our organization, please get in touch with us!

Gold Sponsorship

Northside Gold Sponsors will receive a 3 x 6 banner that will be displayed for the entire spring summer and fall seasons at our Jack Stack facility! We will also feature your business logo on our new webpage.

Player Sponsorship

Play Sponsor Scholarships are greatly and graciously appreciated. Each scholarship will go towards players who need assistance with our registration fee.

Our Sponsors

3000 Lewis Run Road
Clairton, PA 15025
     (412) 212-3878

Burns White Center
     48 26th Street, Suite 101
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
      (412) 995-3270

310 Grant Street, Suite 3600
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

4600 J. Barry Ct., Suite 500
Canonsburg, PA 15317