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Teeball games are meant to be instructional, not competitive. Please help to promote this positive atmosphere by encouraging your child and by appreciating the small triumphs of all players on both teams.

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If you have a question that your child's coach cannot answer, please do not hesitate to contact BHAA's teeball coordinator.

TeeBall Coordinator
Tarah Mang

TeeBall - FAQ

Welcome to the online home of Brighton Heights Athletic Association's teeball teams. The number one priority for BHAA's teeball experience - designed for boys and girls ages 6 and under - is for the kids to have fun and experience the ups and downs of achievement. Along the way, they will learn the basics of baseball/softball.

What Happens After Registration?
Before the season begins, please secure a teeball glove for your child. Around mid-April, you will get an introductory phone call from your child’s coach. Then plan to attend Teeball Night at McDonald's (date TBA - details to follow). Between now and then — and even throughout the season — please do not hesitate to contact Robyn Barber, teeball coordinator, with any questions. Her contact information is listed at left.

What Does My Child Need to Play?
At the start of the season, your child will receive a uniform, which should be worn to each session. Balls and bats will be provided by the league. However, your child is welcome to bring an aluminum teeball bat of his/her own. Players should bring their glove, uniform, and a desire to play. Spikes/cleats are not required but are growing in popularity. Players may wear tennis shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. Water bottles also are recommended. Please plainly mark your child’s possessions with permanent marker, as teeballers often leave their things behind.

When Does Teeball Meet?
Teeball meets Tuesday evenings (Only 4 Tuesdays) from 6-7:30pm and Saturday morning practice/games from 9:30-11:00pm.. Those days never change, even in the case of rainouts. We will meet for eight weeks. In the event of excessive rainouts, we likely will extend the season by a week. At the end of the season (late June), your child will receive a medallion during a season-ending picnic. 

How Does the Season Work?
In practice sessions, players work through a series of skills stations with their teams. Coaches work with them on batting from a tee, throwing, catching, and baserunning. On game days, teams play three-inning mini games. Each player bats and plays the field every inning.

How Can I Help?
The best way to help is to get out there and get dirty with your child. Essentially, every single teeball parent is an assistant coach and encouraged to take an active part in the on-field experience. Any parent interested in helping — on the field or off — should not hesitate to let their coach know. They would love to have your help.

Do I Have to Work the Concession Stand?
At registration, you paid a $20 concession stand fee. This fee will be refunded when a member of your child’s family completes a shift in the concession stand. Some of you elected to forfeit your $20 refund by opting out of the concession stand duty. A good portion of the league operating budget is dependent on the concession stand. A friend or family can work in your place, just so that your child is represented. Your team's Team Mom will contact you about concession stand scheduling.

What is A-Level (Advanced TeeBall)?

We would like to form 2 to 4 teams of “advanced” teeball players, who will advance through learning the skills of baseball and softball faster than the other teams.  If your child has already played 1 year of tee ball, can pay attention to their coach, consistently field and catch balls thrown or hit to them, hit the ball without using a tee, and throw to their intended target, then you can check the box on your registration to place your child on one of the “A-Level” teams.

What will happen if there is a rainout?
When there are rainouts or the fields are too muddy to play, The Director Tarah Mang will send a text to all coaches, then the coaches will contact all their own teeball families. A blast will usually be sent out as well. 

Remember to visit this website throughout the season and all year long for important updates. Also, Post your feedback and photos when you visit and like BHAA's Facebook Page. Simply click the logo above.