Brighton Heights Athletic Association

Team Information

Head Coach: Brian Bandura
Asst. Coach: Bill Fulmer

Home Field Day: Saturday


Luke Bandura
Austin Bane
Brayden Bane
Marquis Cobb Jr.
Thurston Day
Winslow Day
Allie Fabina
Myeir Harvey
Artie Kane
Maximillian O'Brien
Rowan Stahl
Nolan Stahl


Detroit Tigers TeeBall



Tuesday evening practices from 6-7:30pm and Saturday morning games from 9-10:30am from April 22nd to June 17th (excluding May 27th for Memorial Day Weekend). Here is a link (click here) to specific field locations and opponents. 



Remember to visit this website throughout the season and all year long for important updates. Also, Post your feedback and photos when you visit and like BHAA's Facebook Page. Simply click the logo above.