The number one priority for NBSA's teeball experience - designed for boys and girls ages 6 and under - is for the kids to have fun and experience the ups and downs of achievement. Along the way, they will learn the basics of baseball/softball.

Teeball practices and games are held on select Tuesdays and all Saturdays. The season runs from mid-April through June 30th.  An official schedule will be shared with teeball families once teams are formed by mid-April.

Teeball games are meant to be instructional, not competitive. Please help to promote this positive atmosphere by encouraging your child and by appreciating the small triumphs of all players on both teams.

Here are the basics of teeball games:

  • Teeballers play games of roughly three innings each (depending on attention span).
  • Each player bats each inning and plays the field each inning.
  • There are no official outs, but defensive players should be offered appropriate congratulations for good plays.
  • Coaches will pitch five to seven pitches to each player. If the player fails to make contact, they will then be offered the batting tee from which to hit.
  • The last player up to bat for each team hits a "grand slam" and clears the bases to end the inning.
  • The score is of little importance with this age group. In fact, coaches and parents should refrain from announcing scores to the children. Instead, opt for creative ways to suggest a tie or a victory by both teams.
  • Parents are encouraged to cheer for both teams.